List of websites with freeware

A tip is extremely useful list of websites with freeware, I updated it, with many links, see below on the right side and enjoy.

Intelligent mobile search

Intelligent searches with more than 10 choices in five languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French) on your phone, smartphone or tablet, with android, blackberry, java, WebOS, symbian, windows mobile and even bada, there is this The Gune.


Widgets free

Widgets for your Palm, tip: there are many widgets like this, Phrases, that HandFree website offers. Some run on symbian with emulator, as explained in the website.


Cool game Free - BattleFields - Tanks

BattleFields - Tanks is a strategy board game created and developed by Ricardo Garay. Adapted in 4 sceneries of Second World War, Africa, France, Germany and Italy. You create your own rules. But remember it is a strategy game for two players.


50 free themes for S60

Are you looking for free themes for Nokia S60?
My tip are 50 free themes in HandFree website.


Launchers for Gune mobile search engine

Gune is a system of meta-search, ie it searches the other websites and generates a single page of results, optimized for small screen phones and smartphones. The websites consulted by the Gune are: Google and Bing. For all mobile platforms. The Gune also offers a catalog of mobile websites, and invites all indicate mobile websites. Gune is designed so that everyone could contribute to the directory, so who have, or know a website mobile, just visit the website for the PC and give your tip. Once checked and approved it goes to the directory.
Available for Nokia, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Java, MeeGo, Maemo, Bada, Moblin, LiMo or PalmOS.


Apps and games for Android

My tip for anyone apps and games to your device with Android, but wants to ease, is the AppBrain.


Silverlight for symbian and windows phone

Silverlight, a cross-browser, cross-platform implementation of the .NET Framework for building media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web on desktop computers, is also available for Nokia S60 5th Edition devices such as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini.

For Symbian

Silverlight is the application development platform for Windows Phone 7 Series. High performance gaming is also supported through the XNA Framework.

For Windows Phone

Share videos

Would you like to share videos using the phone? An interesting solution is the Thwapr. The name is weird, but the solution is recommended. For Blackberry and symbian devices.


1000 exclusive mobile content free

Imagine 1000 exclusive mobile content, and free. Well, this website exists, called HandFree. Are wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones, games, widgets, logos, MMS cards, softwares, images, texts, images, SMS, themes, links and more. Everything for all mobile platforms. And FREE.


Handcase launches mobile search engine

The Handcase launched its mobile search system, called Gune.
Gune is a system of meta-search, ie it searches the other websites and generates a single page of results, optimized for small screen phones and smartphones.
The websites consulted by the Gune are: Google and Bing. Unlike the websites of traditional meta-search of the Internet that use the same principle, Gune is only mobile search, and results in a single page, are displayed in lists of ten results per search engine, and offers both the top as at the end of each page, the search box. Cool!!!


Windows Phone Marketplace

For those with windows mobile device and have not visited the windows marketplace for phone, here is a tip.
You may be surprised at what you find there for your device.


Nimbuzz now with skype and twitter

For those new to the Nimbuzz, it is a powerful mobile IM free and can meet all your contacts from various messaging services, including Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, Facebook, Myspace and now with microblogging Twitter.


Website launcher for Symbian

You need to create a website launcher for Symbian and do not know how?
The trick is to follow the link below, it solves, in a simple and fast.


StonesJong a cool game

A cool free game for PalmOS. The Stonesjong of the Handcase. Nothing special, but hours of relaxation.

Game of cards of the eastern game mahjong. The objective is to recognize the pairs and take them of the screen. In English. Only for Palm colored.


Frozen Bubble freeware for Symbian

A classic game and of course, the freeware Frozen Bubble. This version is for Symbian.
As you probably already know Frozen Bubble is a popular free puzzle game (especially in Linux platform). User controls a small canon, shooting bubbles and tries to hit other bubbles so to create groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color.


Symbian Resources

For users of Symbian. I recommend a website the Symbian Resouces, it has many interesting tips.


Everything free for all smartphones and cellphones

This time I will not post a game or software, but an entire website, only freeware. Was launched HandFree, I access all sessions are over 200 free content. Are ringtones, games, software, wallpapers, widgets and images. Everything for all smartphones and cellphones. Very Cool!


Jounce the crackberry relax

This game will make you relax with your crackberry.
Jounce is a puzzle game with many levels. For each level, the goal is to move your ship to the exit by bouncing off walls, tunneling through worm holes, and pushing the sliding blocks around.

RIM BlackBerry ™ 7100 Series, 7200 Series, 7510, 7700 Series, 8700 Series, Pearl 8100 Series, Curve 8300 Series, 8800 Series
Requires Color BlackBerry with OS 4.0 or higher


Palm Games in Computer

This is the newest proposal of Handcase.
From what I read on the website, you buy the games and runs on PC, even if you do not have a Palm.
But you can try using the freeware games because the emulator and ROM are free.


Make screenshots

Make screenshots with your symbian device using the Screenshot.
For S60 devices.

Organize all

Organize the contents of your device with symbian, it is easier to YBrowser.
For S60 devices.


Our memories

A software that I found curious was the Relive. Curious because it was made to organize memories.Software for organizing your personal and professional memories. It was kind of organized remembrance for relationship or all memories.
Software for organizing your personal and professional memories. It was kind of organized remembrance for relationship or all memories, date etc... It also provides reminders, and daily Notes.


Free Symbian Soft

In the Freesymbiansoft the website, you will find many games and software for your device moved to Symbian.
Two examples among many.
FlyingMoney v1.6.1 Flying Money Manager was designed to be convenient on your move.

Game Crazy Rat.



Google search for symbian devices

Google Search Application is the third S60 application from Google. The previous two applications were Google Maps and GMail. What does Google Search do? It add a shortcut, i.e. Pencil key (Edit key) on your idle screen. When you press the shortcut, it launches search using Google.
Web browser to link below to download Google Search software.


Palm devices is now safe

With the HandSafe of Handcase, it seems that no one else will want to see, what you have in your palm.
With this program you can lock your palm avoiding curious view that the contents of your files or even access to its programs. Also blocks access to the memory card. In this new version it encrypts the passwords for access and encryption. The encryption algorithm was optimized. With 128-bit encryption algorithm and blowfish.


Phone Explorer 5 tools in 1

For those who need several tools, such as File Explorer, FTP Client, Task Manager, and would like to have it all in one, the Phone Explorer is the solution. He also offers Text Editor and Battery Status Viewer.


Turn your mobile phone. in a spy camera

PhotoSpy! F2 promises to turn your mobile phone. Your mobile can be spy camera. You don't need extra expensive hardware, secret agent equipment, or black market, illegal toys. All you need is PhotoSpy, special designed software that turn your mobile phone into real surveillance camera.


Player for Ogg Vorbis, Wav, MID, AAC and WMA

You need an MP3 player program for your device with Windows Mobile? That support also in Ogg Vorbis playback and Wav ? You want it to support MID, AAC and WMA? Well now you have a good option. The GSPlayer. I believe it is freeware.


Do not forget to download the plug-ins.

Love twitter and love tweeting?

So this freeware for Windows Mobile is for you.
Tiny Twitter is just what you are looking for and it will work on ANY Java enabled device (that's a bunch & includes the CrackBerry) and ANY Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone (they're pretty cool).